“If there was an answer he’d find it there.”

The caption of this picture by Harris Burdick is;

“If there was an answer he’d find it there.”

Harris Burdick drew a series of pictures that contained mysteries. Can you use your imagination to unlock the mystery of this adventure?

Here is Ajay’s story;

If there was an answer he’d find it there.

Once upon a time there was two boys named Tom and Joe and a dog named Phillip.Tom and Joe were relaxing on the beach. Suddenly Tom got up and told Joe that had he seen Phillip anywhere but Joe replied
“No I haven’t seen Phillip,have you?” Said Joe worriedly.
“No.” added Tom.
“Where is he then?” Joe questioned
“How am I meant to know?” Tom replied
“I’m worried” Joe moaned
“Me to” whimpered Tom…

Tom and Joe were very worried, they were so confused that they couldn’t hear them self think.
“It feels like I’m going to cry.” Joe whimpered

“don’t be daft it’s not that bad,wait there it is bad.” Tom said anxiously

“Told you,now who’s being daft.” Joe replied
“What’s that?” Tom said suspiciously
“What’s,what?” Joe said
“That over there.” Tom shouted
“Lets go and have a look”

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  1. Posted by ibrahim on January 21, 2011 at 8:57 am

    i like it


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