100 word challenge – No. 2

….the music seemed to come from …..


Can you comment on these stories?


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  1. Posted by madeeha on March 25, 2011 at 9:05 am

    I had just stepped out of a rowdy classroom,and dragged my heavy violin,and walked towards the room,to my lesson.As


  2. The music seemed to come from the soundly,sweet jungle.There were hundreds of animals that were singing and dancing.The music seemed like it was pop music and there was actually some,monkey’s swinging from tree to tree.There was some fat,wide hippo shacking their bums from side to side.Also there was a hairy lion king standing up and waving its hands everywhere.When I looked I even sore a vivid ,colourful bird sitting on a tree and flapping its wings around in the air.And behind a massive,bright tree the was a sweet little boy mouse dancing sweetly with a sweet girl mouse.Then I saw a tiger and a lioness drinking coco cola together.


  3. I can hear music the music seemed to come from the disco beneath that tree it seems it is pop music.I think it is Michael jackson thriller or it could be Queen but it’s beating really fast. “AHHHHHHHHHH” my mind is going crazy about music i can’t think. Suddenly I saw my friend and we went in. Then I woke up and I released that I had a dream but my sister said” how was it at the disco.”Then I got confused.


  4. The music seemed to came from the street corner shop witch sells a piano,guitar,drums and a clarinet.The music was so loud that the corner shop window glass broke.


  5. There was some music it seemed to come from the jungle. it was a sort of thumping,banging sort of sound.I was getting closer so it would be louder.The sound went throughout the jungle.Just then I stumbled on a rock and saw what it was.It was a jungle tribe,playing tropical drums with loud beats and new experiences.I tried to hide because they had spheres,but I could not bare lovely music.My ears were glued to the perfect music.I thought it was safe to stop hiding,but when I went out the music stopped.All of the tribes people were staring at me in a angry sort of manner.They picked up there weapons and chased me through the jungle…


  6. One skinny,small girl was once doing a dance with her horrible teacher but she was always the best (the teacher never knows).One normal day she same did same like the day before but her teacher was a bit more worse(that s what normally happened). One even more tall but small in age girl came tugging her long dress that she always used when she was doing her dancing.


  7. Posted by Ramisa on March 25, 2011 at 9:26 am

    the music was very loud and mysterious I didn’t know where it was coming from I could hear people cheering,drums,singing,and and a guitar it sounded like a party I really wanted to go but I could not find where the music was coming from but it sounded a lot of fun


  8. The music seemed to come from the jungle where lots of trees are there is no food or drink and all the animals were singing and dancing the animals there are chines girl called Emily she was very nice and kind she use to love dancing and singing.There was a chines girl called Cece she was lovely and kind emily was her best friend in the world cece look after all the animals so did emily all the animals came out so thay have


  9. Posted by Nadia on March 25, 2011 at 9:26 am

    It was a unusual scorching day the sun glowing and gleaming on the river.There was two young girls called Rosella and Ellie they were rowing there boat down the crystal clear river.They were having a really good time until there mum and dad shouted there names really loud that it could burst your ear drums”ROSELLA” she shouted “yes mum” they both shouted.It’s tome to come back “okay mother”.So they came back and there dad screamed at them for coming back late.There dad sent them to bed at only 7 o’clock.Then it was the next day so they ate breakfast and set off to catch some scrumptious fish.Suddenly out of nowhere a noise came it sounded like hip-hop music so they went to investigate the noise they figured out where the noise was from it was down the river they were having a festival but with hip-hop music they were shocked but they wanted to join in so they did but they hads to go back.


  10. Posted by Jonathan on March 25, 2011 at 9:26 am

    One scorchingly hot day I was playing in my grand,garden then a mysterious yellow appeared I was highly suspicious that my older brother had done this as a joke but I was wrong ,I peered inside there was nothing there he would have jumped out behind it then I stepped through…


  11. Posted by madeeha on March 28, 2011 at 7:56 am

    I had just walked out of my rowdy classroom,dragged my heavy violin,and walked towards the music room,to my lesson.As I got closer,I heard some music,but it wasn’t music of the violin,it was a instrument that I hadn’t heard before.The music seemed to come from the music room,so I step hi


  12. Posted by mohammed /james x on March 30, 2011 at 8:14 am

    As we trudged down the corridor we felt a dark cloud over us. We were trying to think to ourself’s it was just another day, but it didn’t work. The gloomy shadows in the classrooms were horrible to look at down the narrow corridor was all in one creepy. Then something lightened our days it was like we could see the sound waves.The sound of the sweet, pleasant music lifted our spirits, but the only thing that puzzled us was we didn’t know where the music seemed to come from? We thought about for a second then another thought occurred, what instrument was playing?…


  13. Posted by Jordan& sher on March 30, 2011 at 8:21 am

    The music seemed to come from the street corner shop witch sells a piano,guitar,drums and a clarinet.The music was so loud that the corner shop window glass broke because the music was so loud.The music was so loud that it made the window crack.the glass scattered around the rigid concrete ground.the glass faded away.the glass was no were to be seen.The glass wasina different place from the other place.


  14. One scorching day

    there was a ray of sunlight

    in the first day of the month may

    I walk down the corridor

    people calling me a dalk

    as i balk

    I here music playing behind a door

    miss that is all i can think of , sorry


  15. Posted by jonathan on March 30, 2011 at 8:24 am

    It was a scorchingly hot day I was playing football in my grand garden, then suddenly out of nowhere a mysterious yellow portal appeared I was suspicious if my brother big brother but I was wrong, I stepped through and then…

    When I woke up hanging from the branch of a collusull tree I leaped back down to the ground Then the sky darkened.Then a large figure was in the distance it
    a split second later itcame towards me it had a vicious sword …


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