Ayesha’s Easter Story

On the day of Easter, I was in bed,I got up, then I ran down the wonky,small stairs. I was searching everywhere around the house for my Easter eggs.”Where are my Easter eggs”!Then I ran to my bed room then started to cry, my eyes watering.Dad came home, came to my room,and coved my eyes.
A few minutes later, dad took me into the garden.Suddenly I saw a bright,shinny thing in a tree… It was a Easter egg!! I was so happy that dad gave me a huge hug. After that we made some yummy cakes then my favourite teacher came, it was mrs Haughy!

100 Word Challenge – James

As the wind whipped across the lovely grassy gardens familiar statute stood it’s ground with the wind hurling in its face the gardens oldest object just there all on its own. The garden was deserted. No one was in sight “its probably just the weather” sighed the lonely statue. Normally there is an excessive amount of people looking and smiling and walking past like they weren’t going to stop but today nothing.

Zaman’s inspired poetry


Senses poetry

Prepare to listen to some stunning poetry!

Emily’s timetables rap


New 100 Word Challenge

This week The Head’s Office have chosen another picture for the prompt. It is of a sculpture that the Head’s Office saw at an exhibition in Paris.

Now you need to look carefully at the picture and plan your story. What could it represent? Whose legs are they? Don’t forget you only have 100 words to produce a piece of CREATIVE writing. Do try to make it make sense!


James – 4CH – 100 Word Challenge

As we trudged down the corridor we felt a dark cloud over us. We were trying to think to ourself’s it was just another day, but it didn’t work. The gloomy shadows in the classrooms were horrible to look at down the narrow corridor was all in one creepy. Then something lightened our days it was like we could see the sound waves.The sound of the sweet, pleasant music lifted our spirits, but the only thing that puzzled us was we didn’t know where the music seemed to come from? We thought about for a second then another thought occurred, what instrument was playing?…