Column Subtraction

We have been looking at column substraction and had some fun taking it outdoors.

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Wrong Trousers



The Story of Mulan

Can you write a synopsis of the story of Mulan to put on the back of the book as a blurb – the challenge would be to write the ‘flavour’ of the story in 10 words!

Maths Questions (for Sher!)

I can use mental calculation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
What number is 199 more than 428?
What is the difference between 1999 and 4003?
One orange costs 15p. How much would five oranges cost?
Four pineapples cost £3.40. Calculate the cost of one pineapple.
I can use mental methods for calculations that involve decimals
Multiply nought point seven by nine.
Subtract one point nine from two point seven.
Find the total of 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6.
What is half of three point six?
I can record my working for mental methods that involve several steps
A bottle holds 1 litre of lemonade. Rachel fills 5 glasses with lemonade.
She puts 150 millilitres in each glass. How much lemonade is left in the bottle?
I can choose when to use mental methods, when to use written methods and when to use a calculator
Would you use a mental, written or calculator method to solve each of these? Explain your choice.
23.5 × = 176.25
How many cartons of juice costing 30p each can I buy with £2?
What is the total cost if I buy food costing £3.86 and £8.57?

100 Word Challenge Week 9

For new visitors to the Challenge, you have to write a creative piece about the picture using 100 words! Check your work through for spelling and punctuation. you post on your class blog then it will be linked here. Alternately, you can link straight here.

Please try to visit some other entries to leave some comments. The 100 Word Challenge is all about sharing good work with each other!

What we know about Electricity?

Mulan question wall